ISEC offered student discounts as well as id card function such as passport.

S.W. Kim, Chung-Ang University

This is a travel review with ISE student ID card and lived in the United States until 2017.12-2018.7 through the Korea-U.S. University Student Training program(WEST Program).

ISECard travel story in Chicago

When – From Dec, 2017 to Jul, 2018
Where – USA(Seattle, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, New York..)

It was very exciting to do an internship as a student but I was worried about the expensive living expense for about 9 months.
Meanwhile, I got to know ISEC, an international student card, and I ordered because I could get a lot of student discounts with it. I started language training in Seattle, and I was able to save a lot of money thanks to ISEC, an international student ID card, from my internship in Chicago to traveling during my break.

Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee is not as famous as New York or Chicago, but it is a wonderful city in the middle of the United States where many people travel. I've got $2 student discounts when visiting in Milwaukee Art Museum.

Also, I had a chance to go on a business trip to Washington D.C., and my friends envied me because there were still many places where I could get a student discount with my ISECard.

What was particularly useful to me was that ISEC could replace it with an ID card and it reduced the risk of my passport lost.

Discounts in Chicago

Discounts in Chicago

I stayed in Chicago for 4 months. Chicago is one of the top three cities in the United States, followed by New York and LA. It is also commonly called Windy City. If you come to Chicago, you must eat Chicago pizza! In summer, Millennium Park shows concerts and movies every week, so I recommend it as a travel course. Chicago has the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art, both of which can be discounted with international student ID cards.

Metropolitan of Art in New York

Metropolitan of Art in New York

Metropolitan of Art, it's an expensive admission fee, but I got a huge discount by presenting my ISEC student ID card. Also, the advantage of the Metropolitan is that you can visit again within 3 days, so if you visit New York, make sure to check it out of course. You can save $13 with ISEC!

9/11 Memorial Museum

I also got ISEC student discounts in 9/11 Memorial Museum.

It was good to get student discounts with ISEC in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Art Institute of Chicago.

After my internship, I went to LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and San Francisco.
Don't forget to bring your ISEC when you visit in LA and San Francisco. You will get student discounts in LA County Museum of Art, LACMA and Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco!

Here are the lists of my saving with ISECard!

1. Metropolitan Museum of Art
Admission Fees $25 -> Student Savings $12
2. LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Student Savings for the annual pass $30
3. 9/11 Memorial & Museum
Admission Fees $24 -> Student Savings $20
4. Asian Art Museum San Francisco
Admission Fees $25 -> Student Savings $20
5. de Young Museum – San Francisco
Admission Fees $15-> Student Savings $6

Thanks to ISEC, I saved almost $31.

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