New York(USA) Student Discounts

As soon as you show your ISE Card, you will be recognized as a student and get a great discount.

J.Y. Seo, Seoul National University

While preparing for the New York trip, I was told to bring ISEC student ID card and so I ordered it through ISEC website quickly. There were two types of international student ID cards, ISIC and ISEC, but I applied to ISEC because I heard ISEC is more helpful for traveling to the U.S.

In fact, I didn't have chance to use my ISEC student ID card in Orlando. Because I made reservations for Disney World, Discovery Cove, and Universal Studios in advance and so there was no special student discount.

ISEC travelstory in New York

When – 02 Jul to 20 Jul, 2018
Where – USA(Orlando, New York)

The true value of the international student ID card was shown in New York! Especially in museums and art galleries!

I visited four places in New York: the Museum of Natural History, the MoMA (New York Museum of Contemporary Art), the Guggenheim Museum, and the Cooper Hewitt Museum. I didn't get a discount on my student ID card at MoMA because I chose MoMA when I bought the Tamice Big Apple Pass. However, I could get a discount on my ISEC student ID card in the other places.

Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History

I fell in love with the Museum of Natural History because I like earth science very much. It was also healing time for me to observe rocks when I took the 'Earth System Science Experiment' course at school. By the way, I was very happy to see a big rock here!

This was the first place to use my ISEC card in the U.S. In fact, the Museum of Natural History runs a donation admission system, so you can enter at the price you want. However, there is a set amount of 'appropriate' by age, and the person at the counter naturally suggests it. I presented my ISEC card and got a student discount. The most convenient thing about having an international student ID is that I didn't have to say, "I'm a student!" It was so convenient to just give an international student ID card to an employee when purchasing a student ticket! I chose 'General Admissions + One,' which provided an additional special exhibition for the entire museum of natural history. The adult fare was $28, and I got a student discount with my ISEC student ID card and it was $22.

Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum

This was the museum that I loved the most in New York. This place was really impressive in that it conveyed emotions to me not only through visible pictures but also by scent, sound, and touch.

When I purchased my ticket here, I was able to save $9 with my ISEC student id card. The adult fare was $16.00.



It's an inefficient design to display artworks, but it was a great place for me to appreciate them. The adult fare was $25 and the student fare was $18 with ISEC student ID card.

I've got student admission just showing it.

As I mentioned it before, the good thing about having an international student card was that I got student discount just showing it at ticket booth.

However, there were some things disappointed. Except for museums and art galleries, there were few places to get student discounts except for museums and art galleries. I stayed at the Days Inn Hotel during my stay in New York, and the ISEC website says that I can get a discount here through my international student ID card, but I couldn't get a discount in terms of accommodation because my reservation through Expedia was cheaper than that way.

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