Travel Stories and Testimonials

This travel story came from some of ISECard holders who traveled in Europe , USA and South America. It will help students and young people understand how ISECard(ISEC) works when traveling.

ISECard vizcaya museum discounts

USA Work program in 2018 and 2019

I carried my debit card and ISE student id card wherever I went! ISEC worked well for id card functions in supermarkets, bars, or getting a Pay Check. It was very convenient to carry ISEC and it reduced the risk of my passport being lost. Learn More »
ISEC travelstory in New York

USA New York Experience

While I was preparing for a trip to New York, I was told to bring my international student ID and I applied right away. There were two types of international student ID cards, ISIC and ISEC, but I applied to ISEC because I heard ISEC was more helpful for traveling to the U.S.– Ms. Seo, Seoul National University. Learn More »

Eastern Europe Travel Experience

In fact, when I went to the United States before my trip to Europe, I took a card other than the ISEC card, but I didn't benefit from it. So, after about a year, when I was planning a trip to Europe, I ordered ISE Card and almost used ISE mobile card rather than a physical card. - Ms. Park, Inje University. Learn More »

ISEC experience during USA WEST program

Thanks to the ISEC international student card, I was able to save a lot of money. What was particularly useful to me was that ISEC was recognized as an ID card in many places - Ms. Kim, Chung-Ang University. Learn More »

Western Europe Discounts

When I heard that there are many student discounts in Portugal as well as in Paris, I thought I would need an international student ID card. However, there was doubt about how much discount they could get, not the cheap price of issuing fee. - Ms. Seo, Kyungpook National University. Learn More »

South America Experience

This is a 38 day travel review from January 17th to February 24th, 2018 with ISEC. I traveled to New York for 38 days, four countries in South America, and Spain. I'd like to inform you of the benefits of your ISEC student ID card. - Ms. Park, Chosun University. Learn More »

LA travel story

ISEC acts as an ID, so you need to get it issued even if you are not interested in museum discounts. Because there is a big risk to carry a passport all the time.- Mr. Eom, Sogang University. Learn More »

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